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Embracing the Warrior

I am trying to encourage my inner warrior. My attempts are feeble, but after listening, uncomfortably, to the teachings on this particular spiritual journey, I want to try. I want to encourage my inner Joshua, or perhaps my inner Xena, wherever she may be hiding.

The phrase “The universe is conspiring for you” haunts me everywhere I go. I’m trying the phrase on, breathing it in, attempting to make its uncomfortable form fit somehow onto my rather meek head.

Today it was a simple task. I merely wanted to work on some editing at Starbucks. I went; I saw the one, tiny empty table. Contrary to my usual slow and self-conscious self, I purposefully marched to claim the table in the long, dark corridor. Once seated, my eye caught sight of a man leaving the table I really wanted: next to the expansive window, where I could let my mind take wandering breaks while contemplating the pitter patter of the rain.

“This is silly,” I thought. “I just sat down.” I checked out the line. No one else seemed to be moving toward the table. “The universe is conspiring for you.” Damn, perhaps it was. I grabbed my belongings and purposefully marched again, satisfyingly plunking myself down beside the window, thankfully taking in the view. (Well, okay, it’s just a parking lot and a McDonalds, but it’s still a view.)

I’m happy to report that I’ve just completed a very productive session of editing. Sometimes, it’s in the small details of life, eh?

How is the universe conspiring for you today?




On this rainy Monday morning, when my bones are achy and my spirit yet undecided, I choose Life. I spread my arms, lift up my head, and inhale this sweet new day. I breathe in, remembering, remembering, and then breathe out, letting go, moving forward.

Oh God, help me move beyond the inner workings of this very busy mind to see the beauty and the pain around me today. Help me to give, and help me to receive.

An Interview with Karen Armstrong

I was very interested in the following interview with Karen Armstrong on CBC’s show “Tapestry” this past Sunday. It involved a fascinating interweaving of politics, religion, and the importance of compassion and mindfulness. Take a listen and see what you think.

If you’re interested to learn more about her Charter of Compassion, you can watch her TED acceptance speech here.