About Us

This Tribe Called Quest is an alternative faith community for people looking for a fresh approach to Christian spirituality and practice.

Our aim is to provide kinship, a safe space to be real, creative faith expressions & perspectives, and holistic growth practices for those who desire to follow the way of Jesus (the way of love, peace, unity and justice) but find it difficult to reconcile conventional Christian faith with their education and experience of reality in 21st century Canada.

We Value

Realism – we want to be honest & authentic with one another and in how we interpret and respond to the world we live in.

Holism – we approach life holistically, believing everything is interconnected and interdependent.

Creativity – we are convinced that using imagination and creativity are two of the most God-like acts we can engage in.

Practice – we believe the way of Jesus is primarily a path of practice (meditation, prayer, generosity, compassion, gentleness, non-judgment, nonviolence…)

Growth – we think life is about growth; continually learning, letting go, risking and changing.

Kinship – we have observed that spiritual transformation & growth is more sustainable in the context of authentic community.

Contribution – we choose to use our personal & collective resources (money, time, gifts, energy, abilities…) to serve others & work for the greater good of all.


1. God is LOVE but God is also beyond the comprehensive grasp of finite beings. God is “above our ways and higher than our thoughts”. We acknowledge God’s Self description in the book of Genesis as “I Will Be What I Will Be” or “I Am what I Am” but beyond this we hold our elaborated finite constructs and “images of God” humbly and are always open to experiencing and knowing God anew.

2. Our best understanding of God as part of the Christian tradition is God as:

  • community – a network of relationships (the Trinitarian doctrine flows out of this biblical idea)
  • infinite love, wisdom and creative life energy
  • revealed in Jesus

3. God Is Creator & Sustainer of everyone and everything and is in and among all. As the Christian “New Testament” declares “in God we live and move and have our being” and “Christ is all and in all.”

4. God created us for relationship, to be a part of the divine community or the “kingdom of God”, where God’s intentions are being made manifest through all and in all.

5. God knows us better than ourselves and God knows what is best for us personally and collectively. We need and seek God’s wisdom and guiding Presence in all matters.

6. Jesus’ life, character, teachings, death and resurrection reveal who God is, what God is like and what God desires for humanity and all of creation.

7. Jesus came to show us the way to live true, abundant, joy-filled, peaceful lives of integrity and meaning.

8. Jesus came to show us how to participate in the “kingdom of God” or the divine community of interconnectedness and interdependence with everyone and everything, where we live for what is best for all rather than becoming preoccupied with ego and self gratification.

9. Jesus gifted us with his teachings, his way of practice (non-violence, non-judgment, non-resistance, compassion, generosity, etc.), his “baptism of the Holy Spirit” (awareness of and oneness with the divine Spirit) and his community characterized by boundary-breaking love, inclusiveness, equality and unity.

10.  “Jesus is Lord” which in the tradition of the early church means we commit ourselves to the way of Jesus as opposed to “the way of Caesar” meaning the current political, social, economic and religious systems, powers and “gods” that vie for our allegiance.

11.  We are rooted in the Anabaptist tradition of peace and non-violence emphasizing that it is following the practice of Jesus that makes us Christians more than subscribing to particular doctrines or creeds.

12.  The Mennonite Confession of Faith is the general framework and working document upon which our theological dialogue and discernment takes place for our particular context and with which we reference to engage in theological discourse with the broader Mennonite church and the Church universal.

13.  Divine Spirit is our primary source of revelation. Divine Spirit is what Jesus promised would lead and guide his followers into truth and wisdom. Our central practice is attuning ourselves with God’s Presence.

14.  The Jesus narrative in the Bible is the foundation of God’s ongoing revelation that shapes our lives. We discern truth together as we work to align our interpretations of Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience in the context of community with the guidance of Divine Spirit.


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