Good Neighbourliness Day

Turkmenistan has an official holiday called Good Neighbourliness Day which is celebrated today (or this past Sunday depending on the source.)

Why don’t we get in on the action and be mindful about being good neighbours today (you can extend this all week if you want:) What are your ideas about how to be a good neighbour? Share some of your experiences practicing good neighbourliness today.

Here are a few ideas on Good Neighbourliness:

1. Invite a person/family in your neighbourhood over for a meal, coffee, activity, whatever.
2. Bake something and drop in on your neighbours bearing gifts of holiday cheer.
3. Help our neighbours in need by going to your local community services directory for a list of agencies and services that serve those in need and at risk in our community and support them.

Other ideas?

btw – see Luke 10:25-37 if you are having trouble figuring out who your neighbour is.


One response to “Good Neighbourliness Day

  1. Another Good Neighbourliness Idea

    Become a friend to a new neighbour in Canada by volunteering with the Community Connections program at the Multi-Cultural Center.

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