Reflection Questions – November 28 Week

Let’s keep the conversation on the way of Jesus and money going. Here are the reflection questions from Sunday night.

1.  What does it mean for us to be in the empire but not of the empire?
How would my lifestyle, decisions, etc. be different?
Like Zacchaeus – how do we work in but not for the Empire?

2.  Reflect on Jesus & the early church’s non-violent anti-empire position
(i.e. Gerasene Demoniac story). How ought we to resist empire
today? How do we embody our allegiance to God’s kingdom instead?

3.    How do we seek the kingdom of God first in our lives?
What has worked for you or others you know?
What inhibits or hinders your seeking?

4.  Is economic growth really the god of our modern world?
What does healthy (Godly) economic growth look like?

5.  What are the implications of Jesus proclaiming salvation coming to
the household of Zacchaeus because of what he does with his money.


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