Labyrinth Walk tomorrow

If you’ve been hanging around Quest Christian Community you will have probably heard me rave about the Labyrinth as a tool for prayer and meditation. Tomorrow, March 26, St. George’s Anglican Church (on Church Street at the end of Carlisle in St. Catharines) is hosting a labyrinth walk from 9:30am-12pm. It is located in their gym which you can access from the back parking lot off of Raymond. Look for a very small sign on a door that says ‘labyrinth’. Finding it might feel like a maze, but remember the labyrinth is NOT a maze, but a single path that winds it’s way to the center and then back out. Check out for more information on what the labyrinth is and guidelines for walking it. Take some time to explore this ancient form of prayer.

What I have learned from my experiences on the labyrinth:

Every walk is different. In some ways I hesitate to share my experiences because of the fact that every person’s experience is so different and because one of the biggest barriers to walking the labyrinth can be expectations of what the experience will hold. So…remembering that this represents my very personal experience and is in no way a formula for walking I will share…..

Basically the walk is characterized by the way in, the center and the way out. Sometimes I take a particular issue/problem/concern with me on the walk and in the walking practice surrender and openness to the movement of the Divine. I usually find that the walk in to the center is a time for noting the thoughts that have been crowding my mind or lying in wait below the surface. I have found the safety of the path – not needing to make decisions about where to walk, comforting and purposeful, the twists and turns representing my experience of life. Usually by the time I reach the center I feel open and ready to sit in the Presence of the Divine and receive whatever is meant for me to receive. Sometimes a new level of stillness greets me, sometimes an insight, sometimes nothing, sometimes a strong sense of Presence and Love. The walk out is often a time of empowerment and clarity. I like to journal immediately afterward to remember the prayers, thoughts, insights that have come to me during the walk.

If you get a chance to try it out, please share your experiences!


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