Still on the lookout for Joy!

Sunday night I gave you a list of a number of things that I love and watch for at Christmas time that make me think that Love really was born at Christmas and that this is a special time of year (despite the heavy push of commercialism to wreck it). 

As I’ve gone through this week I’ve added a couple.  I’m wondering if you’re seeing things too.  Feel free to add what you’re seeing to my list. 

Makin’ a list:

–          Unusual clusters of shoppers – Father’s and Daughters, Mother’s and sons, brothers and sisters

–          The shoppers who you KNOW have not entered a shopping center since last Christmas and look out of place but are doing it for Love!

–          Salvation Army Kettles

–          Added yesterday…school choirs singing in the mall


One response to “Still on the lookout for Joy!

  1. Yesterday at the mall.

    Teenage boy with pants hanging down (you know the ones) black hair and a shock of blue bangs over one eye, with his 8-10 year old sister, blonde, pig tails, negotiating the details of their Mom’s christmas gift. Of course the girl had her thumb on the pulse of a very thoughtful gift (and she really was running the show). Brother had the logistics all figured out. Sweet!

    Grandma and Grandpa both with walkers out doing their Christmas shopping. Obviously fiercely independant and determined to do their shopping on their own. Double sweet.

    Johnny Rocco’s – about five table fulls of co-workers doing the christmas get-together thing. All laughing and having fun. Merry making. Nice to do when you’re usually just all business together. Made for a room full of smile.

    And the joy sightings continue.

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